Director's Message

With the advent of norm-based curriculum and high stakes in the assessment of students, the effectiveness of teachers has become the matter of paramount importance. The quality of teaching in every classroom can be directly correlated to the ability of its students attaining the set standards. Today teachers have big challenges. Apart from the classroom management to reporting of the student’s progress, they have also to ensure that the students acquire the skills of successful living also.

Under the heavy load of various roles and responsibilities teachers need to groom themselves with varied knowledge, skills and attitudes. The teachers need to develop the ability of thorough understanding of learning process, effective communication, effective application of classroom management and techniques, understand and apply CCE, integrate technology into planning and learning etc.

In addition to it teachers should help the young minds to build trust on the rich heritage and traditional values of our culture. For all this, a thorough “understanding of the child” is must.Meladee McCarty has rightly remarked, “The Kids in our classroom are infinitely more significant than the subject matter we teach”.

Thus, my request to all the educators is, to give due importance to their sacred mission of teaching the children which contribute significantly to the well being of the mankind in a long run.

With Best Wishes,
(Deepak Balutia)
Director, ICTE, Kth.